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0141 847 5610 & 0114 244 9960

Remote SupportVoice Technologies’ support team and repair centre are located at our UK offices; we don’t outsource our support so when you call Voice Technologies, you deal with Voice Technologies. This enables us full control and management of our support service and results in a reliable post-sales experience for our customers.

Logging a Support Call

To log a support call, you can email our service desk at or phone either of our offices: 0141 847 5610 (Glasgow) or 0114 244 9960 (Sheffield).

Our support packages

Software Support is our remote support package which enables customers to contact the Voice Technologies Service Desk and log support tickets. Our technical support team is contactable via telephone and email and will begin working on your call quickly to ensure that we meet your organisation’s agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Our team operates on a four-hour response to software support calls (unless otherwise agreed) where we will always acknowledge receipt of the call and begin working on the problem within four hours. Our support figures show that support calls are typically acknowledged, responded to and closed within two hours (excluding complicated software issues). As part of their software support, customers can contact the Voice Technologies service desk to report or discuss a hardware related software issue (e.g. device driver problems) and have their support call resolved.

Customers qualify for our Hardware Servicing & Repair service when they purchase eligible dictation and speech related hardware including (but not limited to) portable and tethered USB dictation devices, foot pedals and headsets.

This package allows customers access to our repair and RMA service (within warranty) where we will attempt to repair devices in our authorised repair centre before contacting the manufacturer to discuss warranty based returns. Repairing devices in-house often ensures a quicker repair turnaround than sending the device back to the manufacturer. When hardware is outside of a warranty period, we can take receipt of devices and advise on the cost of repair and/or replacement options.

Our Upgrade Assurance package enables customers access to software updates and upgrades as and when they become available. The customer can also use the Voice Technologies Service Desk for information, advice and recommendations regarding software updates.

Site Monitor is a server-run support service which monitors the status of other customer’s IT processes to notify us of any system issues – all in real time. Site Monitor can monitor folder structures for build-up of files, check server disk space and verify that other IT services (such as Windows processes, scheduled tasks, SQL Server Agent Jobs) are operating adequately to ensure that a customer’s IT infrastructure is maximised and running efficiently.
An alert is generated whenever pre-set thresholds are exceeded, notifying Voice Technologies immediately of a system issue which may need addressing. Examples of this are exceeding an amount files in a folder, quantity of EDT/SCI Store/Electronic interface failures and surpassing disk space.  This information is displayed on a dashboard which is accessible to the customer site and emailed systematically back to the Voice Technologies team at regular intervals (or immediately if an alert is raised) for monitoring. The system is schedule-based, meaning that if this email is not received when expected, the Support team receives a warning to check that processes are still functioning correctly and the system is still online. If no warnings are generated, Site Monitor is configured to only apply updates to Voice Technologies’ internal stats and continue monitoring.

Site Monitor can be uniquely configured according to site requirements and applied across multiple server environments.


Voice Technologies can train your users and your own in-house staff so that you can carry out your own training for new members of your team. In addition, we offer high level management training that helps you interpret management reports and understand the organisational and financial impact that these have on your company or Trust. Training packages are individually tailored to each customer, so it is advised that you contact our account management team to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Hours & Availability

Our Service Desk facility is available Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, including all public holidays excluding Christmas and New Year. All support calls are all logged on our customer relationship management software to ensure visibility, reference tracking and a high quality level of service.