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In close collaboration with HSS, Voice Technologies have speech-enabled the clinical Radiology system CRIS.

This allows the clinician to dictate text quickly and directly to where it is actually required and, perhaps, more importantly, it removes the need for a series of other time consuming and costly tasks to achieve the same result. These additional tasks might include the requirement for a digital dictation system to first type and then route the text to a typist; as well as the added expense of the typists, they would then listen to, review and correct the transcription before sending the typed text for further verification.

Voice Technologies’ innovation was piloted successfully and is now deployed across 7 acute sites at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and is in use by over 170 clinicians (at time of writing).  With our bespoke connection and interface to other clinical systems, reports get to the point of real need to patients and their GPs.