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Half a decade of research, technical development and the organic surge in audio business applications have resulted in the creation of process-friendly and functionally effective speech recognition software – now embedded and relied upon in many electronic consumer products, navigation systems, communications and personal entertainment devices.

Notable sectors for speech recognition value have been legal and healthcare where established digital document production processes – using audio recording and assigned transcription – already exist and are part of the administrative automation of an organisation. The addition of voice-to-text applications add an assistive function to the traditional author-secretary process where a document can be immediately transcribed upon the author finishing a recording – introducing new elements of both automated clerical support and the ability to accommodate challenging client or patient deadlines where quicker document turnaround is required.

Already deployed in hundreds of law firms, hospitals and surgeries, speech recognition technology has allowed private and public sector organisations to measurably improve their productivity and deliver tangible cost, time and resource-savings.

Pioneering technical development and research has resulted in modern voice recognition systems being equipped to offer optimum accuracy levels and, to accommodate sites with established workflow software already in place, the ability to deploy such applications into an already live system with minimal upheaval and no organisational down-time.

Making Speech Work for You

Voice Technologies has been delivering intuitive document creation solutions since 1996; incorporating all elements of speech recognition features and deploying large-scale installations into the UK’s leading healthcare and corporate organisations with document turnaround time reduction and resource management improvements being the significant benefits.

If users don’t like using a speech recognition system, they simply won’t use it. That’s why we build speech into the applications you know, and it’s why we integrate intelligent automation at every step – to create and electronically send documents to other systems. Our solutions tend to combine automatic speech recognition and voice commands – audio input can be verified against a dictionary of terms most commonly used in your specialism.

We have our own speech recognition-enabled systems within our WinVoicePro suite of products which have been developed by our in-house development team to provide enhancements to data capture, electronic form population and voice commands for a range of customer applications. We’ve done the same for other systems too, including the national Radiology System (CRIS) from HSS. And we’re adding to our portfolio all the time.