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“The results are fantastic. Voice Technologies work with our Radiology information system supplier Healthcare Software Solutions to ensure that the speech recognition system is fully integrated and it types directly into the report from spoken word in a seamless fashion.”

Dr. Colin Campbell, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


  • Average examination of patient to report completion times are down from over 6 days without the speech recognition integration to less than 1 day with it.
  • There is now no waiting for non-verified reports and they can be spoken, verified and sent in one sitting.
  • 90% of reports are verified within two days and a third of all radiology reporting activity is carried out via speech recognition.

Customer Background

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde is the largest health board in the United Kingdom, serving 1.2 million people and employing 38,000 staff across 7 unitary authorities in West Central Scotland.

Within NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, there are hundreds of consultant radiologists and the Board encompasses one of the biggest radiology training schemes in the United Kingdom.


Across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the consultants would review radiology results, dictating their reports as they went. These were then sent for typing and then returned for verification by the consultant before finally going for printing. All of these activities added to the elapsed time between the time the patient was actually seen and the time that their clinician received a reliable and verified report.

In addition to the workflow process, it was acknowledged that typing is slower than speaking, adding a natural impact on to the report preparation time. Crucially, typists are a staffing resource, resulting in the need for training, the risk of unplanned leave and a lack of out-of-hours service.


Voice Technologies worked with the radiology consultants and impacted clinicians, carrying out site-surveys to figure out the optimum solution. The hospitals were using Philips SpeechMikes, the right product but with software for speech that was not giving them the results and facilities they really needed. It was recommended that they switch to Speech Magic from Nuance, which with specialist integration, quickly became accepted as the first choice.

The Voice Technologies team worked with staff to ensure the use of SpeechMagic was non-intrusive and non-disruptive to their workflow, and then integrated it with the CRIS software from HSS (Healthcare Software Solutions).

Following implementation, Voice Technologies’ technical staff ran training and knowledge transfer sessions to ensure that all users were comfortable with the new speech recognition integration and would be able to maximise the potential of the new workflow.

The entire solutions allows the clinician to dictate text quickly and directly to where it is actually required and, perhaps, more importantly, it removes the need for a series of other time consuming and costly tasks to achieve the same result. These additional tasks might include the requirement for a digital dictation system to first type and then route the text to a typist; as well as the added expense of the typists, they would then listen to, review and correct the transcription before sending the typed text for further verification.