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“The nature of digital workflow has meant that work allocation during absences has become easier – when secretaries are absent or on leave, the Deputy Manager can easily cover tasks using SpeechExec Pro as a sole-point of reference to what needs doing.”

Linda McGee, Lennox Medical Practice


  • Work allocation – when secretarial staff are absent or on leave – is now easier than ever.
  • The deployed Philips hardware is designed specifically with the medical environment in mind, and provides an array of benefits to the practice.
  • Dictations created at The Lennox Practice include meta-data for profiling dictations and creating intelligent workflow, increasing efficiency.


The Lennox Practice, based in the Vale Centre for Health & Care in Alexandria, is a General Practioners offering the full range of GP care and treatment to local communities as well as operating as a training facility for doctors and locums.

Previously housed in Bank Street, the surgery has a fixed medical team of doctors, partners, nurses and administrators as well as accommodating training staff which are placed within the Practice on interim basis.

The Problem

Customary to healthcare sites, the Practice used a digitized document production system to create and manage the array of patient correspondence that was generated daily in-house. Local digital dictation specialists, Voice Technologies, successfully deployed an entry-level workflow management system from Philips to assist both tiers of document production; audio file generation at the initial author stage and audio transcription supported by electronic files for the secretarial team. Although the system was functional and digital sound clarity was vastly improved from the former analogue methods, the full capacity of digitalized dictation was not being implemented – the temporary placements of training staff, hot-desking practices of doctors and relative size of the Bank Street building meant that a fully-fledged workflow system could not be accommodated or used effectively.

“The staff mobility was a factor; as a Training Practice, doctors were placed with us for 6months to a year so a fixed and automated system would have been difficult to instill and train upon.”

Linda McGee, Office Manager

A site move from Bank Street to The Vale Centre prompted a technological overhaul for Lennox Medical Centre and once again, Linda contacted Voice Technologies to upgrade their already digital practice into a more sophisticated system that could be deployed department-wide across the new building and into their increased quantity of consulting rooms.

The Solution

Voice Technologies installed a new digital dictation solution onto the IT framework to accommodate Lennox’s 9 doctors, 5 partners, training delegates and administration team. For the doctors, Voice Technologies recommended Philips USB SpeechMikes; handheld digital recorders that remained docked into the PC, allowing doctors the ability to record their patient files with patient profile, dictation type, priority level and special instructions.
The SpeechMike is custom-made for medical environments – recording in the sector-renowned DSS format with a unique “clear recording “microphone grille to eliminate consulting-room background noise and an antimicrobial chassis to ward off germs and bacteria – again important at point-of-care file creation. As the SpeechMike is constantly connected, it remains within the consultation room to which it was allocated and needs no batteries – instead drawing its power from the PC.

From a transcription perspective, secretaries also received a solution upgrade; Voice Technologies deployed Philips SpeechExec Pro; a systematic workflow solution which receives, routes and lists pending dictated jobs for audio transcription. Each dictated file is highlighted by urgency, length and patient profile – flagging to the clerical team which tasks are more urgent and therefore need to be processed quickest. More importantly, the element of autonomy was introduced to Lennox Medical Centre– at a click of a button the doctor could instantaneously route the dictation from his PC to the clerical team for processing into a typed document.