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“With nearly 300 consultant and specialist medical staff using the system, it was very important that it was implemented quickly and with minimal disruption, which it was.

“It was also important that colleagues could use the system with confidence, and the training and induction tools provided by Voice Technologies as part of the project ensured we were immediately proficient in using system and its functions.”

Julie Thompson, Assistant Divisional General Manager

Customer Background

The Walton Centre, Liverpool, is the only specialist neurosciences NHS Trust in the UK. Their expert staff offer world-class diagnostics and treatment of injuries and illnesses affecting the brain, spine and peripheral nerves and muscles; in addition to assisting people suffering from long-term neurological conditions.

The majority of the Walton Centre’s patients come from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, Lancashire and the Isle of Man, but for specialist treatments of complex disorders, the Trust also sees patients from across the breadth of the UK, Ireland and further afield.

The Walton Centre


To support their medical services, the Walton Centre produces significant amounts of follow-up clinical correspondence for GP Practices and patients. Their standard processes for managing and delivering correspondence were outdated and inefficient and the Trust was looking for ways to improve and streamline these processes.


Voice Technologies were selected to lead the project of digitally connecting the Centre with a number of important local GP Practices. They began with an initial move from analogue to digital dictation and transcription and through the adoption of digital applications, Winscribe and Voice Technologies’ own WinVoicePro, the Trust was able to start generating significant financial savings. In addition, there was a substantial reduction in time between the consultant dictating a letter and finally approving it for delivery. These savings in time and money can be attributed to WinVoicePro’s electronic approval and verification services.

Upon completion of the initial project stage, Voice Technologies moved to ensure further organisational savings and efficiencies by collaborating with the market-leading MIG interface developers to bridge the gap between The Walton Centre and 7 local GP Practices. This allows verified clinical correspondence to be sent electronically, securely and straight into the GP Practices’ electronic records, rather than being printed, posted, manually scanned into the Practice’s records and securely shredded.

As a result, Voice Technologies’ digital dictation and delivery system is providing welcome savings in terms of administration time, print and postal costs for both the Trust and the connected GP Practices. More importantly, the ‘touch of a button’ delivery process brings wider security benefits – the digital delivery of letters virtually eliminates the risk of letters becoming lost or incorrectly delivered. WinVoicePro’s built-in management and tracking application provides immediate confirmation, to the Trust, that the correspondence has been received and accepted by the GP Practice.

“While the project has initially only involved a small number of local GP Practices, we are immediately seeing the benefits that it brings, particularly the ability to track correspondence through the acknowledgement and delivery receipt function, something that traditional postal services simply cannot offer.

“This has been a successful and positive project for The Walton Centre, delivering a number of measurable and important benefits for patients, GP’s, consultants and administration staff.”

Julie Thompson, Assistant Divisional General Manager