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Ninewells’ Orthopaedics Department in NHS Tayside faced “difficulties” with dictations on to tapes. These were often poor quality, facing deterioration caused by extensive repeated use, and it was not uncommon for tapes to go missing. And that’s before you even count the drawbacks of having to physically store, locate and manage dozens of cassette recordings.

Voice Technologies came to the rescue with a WinScribe digital dictation system, now used by thirteen orthopaedic consultants in the hospital clinics and wards, who record using a mixture of speech mikes and portable recording devices.

Karen Blackwood has really seen the benefits this has brought to the department. WinScribe has had a positive impact on improving time management, one of their top priorities. And she knows that no data is ever lost – it can always be retrieved, and the sound quality is preserved, no matter how many times it has been listened to. That’s important for them – in the team they have to deal with many different accents and the ability to listen again to digital clarity sound without having to locate the original tape is a massive help. Voice Technologies put first class support in place for this installation – something that is testified to by Karen’s views. She has been very impressed with the service and has seen the difference it’s made – and this has given her the confidence to look at how the system could be extended even further.