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Pre-defined actions and workflow scenarios are customised for mobile devices which enable people to complete, edit and verify their workload – ultimately reducing inactive periods of the working day.

Healthcare Workflow

As organisations strive to meet paper free targets, our mobile products are developed to reach and exceed targets whilst providing a sure return on investment. Our latest product, FormStream, has been designed with this in mind and our goal is to help our customers increase the efficiency in their workflow, including mobile, which means reducing paper and saving money.

Dictation on the Go

The smartphone revolution has ensured that today’s workforce is more connected that ever. With new mobile dictation applications developed by our Partners and then deployed and supported by Voice Technologies, your team can be more productive from any location and has a dictation device to hand whenever the situational need arises.

Security First

All of our mobile products have a strict emphasis on security. For example, WinVoicePro enables out-of-network mobile access – but only when users are equipped with 2 factor authentication credentials. This ‘security first’ approach ensures that our customers remain within the strict legal and moral obligations that are expected of them.