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Hodgkinson’s Solicitors has experienced a “sea change” in the way it operates, allowing it to become more efficient and cost effective, all thanks to Winscribe from Voice Technologies.

The new technology has been a “massive transformation” for the Skegness-based business, explained partner Che Shing Li, which has resulted in work being completed in half the time.

“With digital dictation, we can pool secretaries, rather than using the traditional model of one fee-earner to one secretary,” he said. “Now, we have two fee earners to one secretary. It’s maximising efficiency and reducing overheads. We don’t need new support staff as more fee earners join the business.”

“WinScribe, which Voice Technology provides, is a technology that is far superior to the close competitors,” Che said. “Because it is web-based, I can check what work is outstanding and in progress not only from the office, but also from anywhere in the world.”

In fact, the solicitors are finding it useful to be able to dictate from anywhere in the world through their mobile phone, and upload the audio files direct to the office system.

Also, the problems associated with tapes, such as poor clarity and downtime when there is a jam, is now a thing of the past for Hodgkinsons. Che continued: “For example, in a thirty minute tape, if there was a letter that was urgent in the middle of it, the secretary would have to forward and rewind to get to the right part. You waste a lot of time that way. But with digital dictation, we can send individual pieces of dictation to any secretary.”

Support from Voice Technologies has been “second to none,” Che said. “They are very amenable and very efficient. Some companies aren’t quite as proactive as Voice Technologies when it comes to support. “They are very good and I would certainly recommend them.”