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“Hart Jackson & Sons had three primary objectives for the new technology; it had to be quick, automated and efficient. The integration of the new solution into our firm has been impressive and we are delighted with the results of automated document production and the commercial advantages that this has brought us.”

Jayne Akitt, Office Manager, Hart Jackson


  • Clarity of recorded files resulted in smooth voice-to-text processing
  • Response time to clients quickened by streamlining document production stages
  • Complete process automation with integrating interfaces in both front and backend tasks.

Customer Background

Cumbrian law firm Hart Jackson & Sons is a solicitors practice with an impressive 156-years of legal business experience. Originally founded by Stephen Hart Jackson in 1858, five generations of the Hart Jackson family have been involved with the firm and provided reputable legal services to the local community. The Hart Jackson approach is friendly and professional – all clients can be assured that their legal affairs are dealt with in a competent and timely manner.


Based in Ulveston, the firm boasts six Partners and a host of domestic and commercial clients. As sector requirements have evolved and client’s requests become more complex, Hart Jackson’s internal administration processes needed to equally advance to fulfil clerical demands and ultimately client satisfaction.

Being familiar with electronic document production processes and keen users of digital dictation, Jayne Akitt, Office Manager for the firm, considered adopting a voice recognition engine to fast-track urgent recorded files to immediate typed correspondence. With the initial goal of modernising the office’s IT systems and the impending upgrade to Windows 7 proving incompatible with their previous digital dictation solution, she contacted Voice Technologies to recommend an upgrade to their standard digital dictation solution to complement their office set-up, administrative requirements and voice-to-text ideals.


Voice Technologies recommended a leading solution from Philips – SpeechExec Pro – coupled with the industry renowned speech recognition module – Dragon Naturally Speaking, from Nuance. The combination of the SpeechExec Pro software interface – enabling automatic file download and DSS Pro encoding for optimised sound clarity – and the automation of the voice recognition engine allowed the firm’s fee-earners to cut processing time of processed documents; Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal allows total PC-control by voice and can maximise audio advantages in a time-sensitive business environment: speaking is 3-times faster than typing. As the engine is designed specifically for the legal community, it automatically formats legal citations, supports third-party correction and provides accurate out-of-the-box recognition of dictated legal terms. Combined with the seamless processing of SpeechExec Pro, this software advancement resulted in Hart Jackson’s fee-earners being able to automate their dictated files into accurate, processed and finished notes within minutes.


Promising a complete front and back-end solution, Voice Technologies also endorsed a prestige input device; the SpeechMike Premium from Philips is optimised for uncompromised sound quality – a vital requirement in voice recognition-reliant environments.  This desktop USB microphone hosts a free-floating studio quality precision microphone – a microphone grille with optimised structure and a built-in noise-reduction pop filter to maximise deliverable sound files for automated voice-to-text engineering.

Jayne and the Hart Jackson team saw immediate improvements in administrative work-load balancing and, most importantly, the increased document turnaround time of client files.