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Just four months after deploying Voice Technologies’ WinVoicePro software, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank has reported a marked reduction in document turnaround times, with all letters now being dispatched in under 12 hours.

As one of two distinct parts that make up the NHS National Waiting Times Centre in Scotland, Golden Jubilee is able to take referrals from any Board to provide additional support for a wide range of procedures, helping make sure treatment targets are met. WinVoicePro is now a central aspect to helping the hospital further enhance its efficiency; enabling it to offer greater support to NHS Scotland.

Allowing medical documents to be reviewed by clinicians electronically, WinVoicePro minimises delays, with multiple sign off options for discharge summaries helping secretarial staff secure approvals faster, while also removing the need for numerous different paper copies.

Previously using a system of analogue dictation, Golden Jubilee selected Winscribe and WinVoicePro from Voice Technologies earlier last year, with Winscribe the first of these technologies to be deployed. Following Winscribe’s successful adoption, WinVoicePro went live across all clinical departments on 21st September 2010.

Streamlined Document Production

Commenting on using the WinVoicePro, William Edwards, Head of E-Health at The Golden Jubilee Hospital, says: “The deployment of WinVoicePro has allowed us to streamline the document creation and approval process across the hospital. With us being part of the NHS National Waiting Times Centre, we are committed to operating in the most efficient way possible and this new software is helping us ensure that patients receive correspondence as quickly as possible.”

In addition to improving document approval times, WinVoicePro has also enabled Golden Jubilee to start creating an electronic patient data warehouse where final patient documents are securely stored alongside diagnostic test results and lab reports. This electronic repository guarantees approved personnel will always have access to all patient information, unlike previously where secretarial staff tended to save documents locally.

Alistair Graham, Technical Director at Voice Technologies, says: “WinVoicePro offers a streamlined document approval process, with Golden Jubilee demonstrating how the software can help achieve much faster turnaround times. The efficiency savings in associated staff costs alone will allow the hospital to enjoy a return on investment in a matter of months, which will be further accelerated by the reduction in printing and distribution costs –proving how our software is able to offer real life savings at a crucial time for NHS budgets.”

Running seamlessly alongside Winscribe, WinVoicePro also enables Golden Jubilee to link with the Scottish Care Information Store (SCI Store), where a copy of each document is made available for sharing with other NHS Boards in Scotland.

Voice Technologies has also incorporated barcode scanners into Golden Jubilee’s digital dictation devices to allow clinicians to match barcodes between patient wristbands and files to ensure they always correspond accurately.

About Voice Technologies

Voice Technologies is a leading supplier and developer of digital dictation and speech recognition, operating in healthcare, legal and government sectors. The company’s consultative approach helps organisations to integrate digital dictation software into business processes in order to increase efficiency and streamline administration, helping to save time and money and make the best use of business resources.

In addition to being a platinum supplier of Winscribe, Voice Technologies continues to develop its own software, with WinVoicePro being the latest product from the company to help organisations work towards greater efficiency, offering a completely electronic document creation and approval process. WinVoicePro was designed to work seamlessly alongside Winscribe to provide a complete end-to-end solution for letter, report and document creation.

With offices in Paisley and Sheffield, Voice Technologies works with clients across the UK, including being the sole supplier for digital dictation and speech recognition solutions on the National Framework contract for Scotland and an approved supplier to the Framework contract established for NHS Trusts on Yorkshire and Humber, as well as local government bodies and leading law firms.