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Until recently, Glasgow City Council relied on analogue tapes for their dictation needs. The tapes, however, did not accommodate themselves to the busy lives of councillors and their office staff. Councillors’ travel itineraries are quite full, and their communications with their legal and administrative support can suffer as a result. Realising the importance of speed and simplicity in dictation, Glasgow City Council turned to Voice Technologies and the Winscribe system for their digital dictation needs.

The small things make a big difference – in particular the support staff found the ability to quickly go back and check on something a real benefit. This is something that is far easier with digital recordings than it is with tapes.

Out of the office, councillors and their supporting staff can use personal recorders to dictate. Files can then be sent directly to the office from the field, allowing for faster and more efficient filing and response – it is easy to send things back and forth.

Once received, the transcriptions are centrally administered by the Winscribe system, allowing them to be accessed and shared by any staff member. The Winscribe system is customised to fit their needs, ensuring that efficiency and integration are maintained. Voice Technologies solution and customer support allows councils like Glasgow City Council to run smoothly, in and out of the office.