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As part of our on-going commitment to the highest possible levels of customer service we would appreciate if you could take the time to answer the following questions about your most recent experience with Voice Technologies.

Voice Technologies operates and is certified in the international quality management system ISO9001:2008. As part of this certification, we seek customer feedback on our work so that we can make improvements and continue to develop as we strive to maintain our position as one of the leading organisations in our market.

This feedback form should take you no longer than five minutes to complete. All comments are very welcome. Thank you.

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At Voice Technologies, we’re extremely proud to work with all of our customers. Our dedicated case study section of the website showcases our strong relationships and from time to time we would like to contact our customers regarding their feedback for potential inclusion in our marketing.

If you wouldn’t mind our marketing team contacting you (briefly) then please tick this box.

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