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Digital dictation is designed to improve efficiency and work turnaround, and local government teams are constantly under scrutiny from the tax-paying public, needing to show improvements.

That’s why Falkirk Council chose Voice Technologies’ Winscribe system to fulfil their digital dictation needs.

In their central offices, all elected members have access to digital recorders connected to their computers. Documents are centralised to allow easy access by all typists and supporting staff, and the elimination of analogue tapes allows for simpler storage solutions. Elected officials must travel, and when they do their personal digital voice recorders ensure that their dictations are quickly and easily stored and passed on. Elected members of Falkirk Council are often called to distant surgeries, and while out they find their digital voice recorders indispensable. Once back in the office, members need only dock their recorders to transfer their recordings to the central network, allowing for faster access by more typists.

More and more local governments are turning to the Winscribe system to fulfil their dictation needs. The speed and ease of digital dictation allows elected members and their staff to do their important work and spend less time dealing with unwieldy tapes and longer transfers. It was an easy decision for Falkirk Council to make the leap to digital dictation, and their customised Voice Technologies system has helped them in their important job of serving local citizens.