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A Voice Technologies Winscribe solution allows the Ayr Hospital Respiratory Medicine team to manage and prioritise all dictation from clinics. Urgent referrals are prioritised and transcribed ahead of all others, resulting in tangible benefits for patients.

Making sure this happened effectively and with minimum risk of errors, Voice Technologies recommended that bar code scanners be made available at all clinic areas, to allow for fast and accurate input of hospital patient numbers. The patient or hospital number is allocated to the dictation and follows the dictation through the system to transcription. This means the dictation can be tracked and, if necessary, located quickly and prioritised for immediate transcription.

To make this even easier to handle in outlying clinics, Voice Technologies provided a digital portable recording device complete with bar code scanner. The dictations can be stored and downloaded from remote clinics to the main hospital server for immediate transcription. The portable can also be downloaded on return to the hospital in circumstances where no download facilities are available.

Like all of our customers, Ayr Hospital know that if they need any help, we’re only a phone call away.

Heather Wylie, Voice Technologies, commented: “we’ve played a part in helping to get treatment to those who urgently need it. Ayr Hopsital provided the challenge; our team innovated to provide the a solution that makes a difference.”