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The introduction of digital sound files and electronic file routing has revolutionised the document production process whilst providing data profiling, protection and traceability to enable a flexible and scalable workflow management system.

Voice Technologies has provided consultation, installation, deployment and training to many healthcare, public sector and legal organisations to successfully implement effective digital dictation solutions with an array of administrative and financial benefits. We specialise in:

  • Large-scale changeovers: where an existing or obsolete digital dictation system needs replacing with new technology.
  • Analogue upgrades: when a site wishes to replace tape-based analogue recording systems with a digitalised technology.
  • SME deployment: when smaller organisations require streamlined clerical digital dictation / document production processes.
  • Multi-site deployment: when a new solution is being introduced for many users with differing requirements over various sites.

The benefits of Digital Dictation technology

Providing both time and monetary advantages, digital dictation solutions have achieved significant savings compared to previous clerical practices in many of our client’s sites by streamlining traditional paper-based processes into automated workflows. Digital dictation can be implemented as either a stand-alone application or fully integrated workflow system for any size or type of organisation which requires systematic processing of author-dictated files into formalised typed correspondence whilst reducing paper, printing and postage costs.

Benefits include:

  • Sound quality: recorded digital sound files offer uncompromised audio clarity.
  • Security: file encryption ensures data protection for confidentiality.
  • Search-friendly: our technology automatically adds metadata identification each recording for traceability.
  • Built-in automation: instantaneous job routing for one-click routing from dictating to transcription.
  • Portability: compactly designed recording devices allow dictating at home, in the office or remotely to maximise document processing time.
  • Flexible work distribution: the “job-list” interface of pending transcription tasks and central management configuration allow inter-departmental work sharing and re-distribution during busy periods.

It’s Where we Excel

With a number of different digital dictation hardware and digital dictation software options available to customers, Voice Technologies’ highly trained team can provide advice on the best dictation route for your organisation and how it can save you time and money.

Voice Technologies are a Philips Master Digital Centre and a recognised Olympus Digital Dictation Centre and we continue to supply hundreds of customers and support tens of thousands of end users of Digital Dictation.