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The Church Lane GP practice in West Yorkshire is the biggest to serve the semi-rural area of Brighouse – employing five full-time GPs, a part-time GP and other health professionals and administration staff. With 12,500 patients, the practice generates a lot of paperwork.

The practice used a tape based dictation system to create letters, reports and other documents, but this was far from efficient. As Jeanette Hellowell, Assistant Practice Manager, explains, “Tapes would go missing, there were bad quality recordings and the secretary wasn’t able to see what files were more urgent than others. Also, it was difficult to keep track of the information still to be dictated by GPs.”

Moving to digital dictation

The practice got in touch with Voice Technologies in 2009. After reviewing their needs, we recommended Olympus digital dictation devices and software. This would overcome all the difficulties with tapes, and make more effective use of time for everyone involved in document production. The new system was installed in November that year.

Saving time and helping to meet referral targets

The practice has seen a huge improvement in the dictation process. Not only are they saving time, but staff find the process much easier, and work can be better tracked and prioritised. Excellent sound quality is also improving accuracy and ease of transcription.

“Dictation is a lot easier, letters are turned around so much faster and it’s easier for us to manage workflow.” explained Jeanette. Crucially, the quicker turnaround of documents lets the practice unlock extra funds from its primary care trust – incentives for meeting government targets on referring patients within tight deadlines.

A smooth transition

The practice is now significantly more efficient than before; the transition from old to new technology has been very smooth. Jeannette added: “The GPs have taken to the new technology very well, and the support from Voice Technologies throughout the process has been great.”

About Voice Technologies

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