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The typical Trust sends in excess of 300,000 letters a year through postal means. This is a great opportunity to save significant amounts of cash on an annual basis through our electronic sending integrations.

Many healthcare organisations already implement various forms of electronic communication to save time and money. With WinVoice Pro, we join these communication links into one single, intuitive click-of-a-button action. This method saves time and money to the tune of 50 pence per letter sent. Currently you have the option to electronically send letters to GPs, Internal Referral, Document Stores, Dentist and Optician systems. Of course, there’s no one size fits all solution but here’s a couple of additional thoughts to consider:


  • Given that, on average, almost 40% of all letters produce in hospitals are sent internally from one consultant to another we have a great opportunity to eliminate slow practices and save money whilst doing so.
    • NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and NHS Fife are on their way to make use of our Internal Consultant Referral Interface to send to Referral Management Systems through the agreed National Process – saving even more pence per letter.
  • To extend the “old hat” principle of sending letters electronically to GPs, Voice Technologies announce new electronic transfer methods for both Dental and Optician Practitioners.


All of these interfaces are an annual opportunity to extend staff time and Trust cash flow. We continue to develop now means of communication and are currently investigating the ability to send letters to virtual desktops and mailing providers, including the option to send clinical letters to patients, should they opt in for this method.