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Voice Technologies’ document production solution helped reduce the average turnaround times for the production and distribution of clinical patient letters from 56 days to 1 day in the Medicine Cluster.


Barnsley Hospital is a leading UK Trust, caring for more than 60,000 in-patients, facilitating over 260,000 clinic appointments, and providing emergency help for almost 80,000 people every year.


As a major healthcare provider, Barnsley Hospital generates large volumes of time sensitive clinical correspondence for patients. The hospital’s analogue administration systems increasingly struggled to cope with the growing demands placed on it – resulting in an average turnaround time of 56-days for generating and sending important clinical-related patient correspondence.

The hospital were looking for an efficient, easy to install and operate digital dictation and automated patient letter production system, to reduce the time required for producing patients letters, while also providing a set of new digital tools to help lift the ever growing administration-related demands placed on clinical and secretarial staff.


Following a successful pilot. Voice Technologies rolled-out their proven and highly effective digital dictation (Winscribe) and automated patient letter production (WinVoicePro) systems across Barnsley Hospital’s entire 24 clinical departments – involving 318 clinical staff and 131 specialist medical secretaries.

Winscribe allows clinicians to verbally record, edit and forward patient notes using Voice Technologies intuitive digital dictation system – allowing those digital notes to be quickly and easily forwarded to medical secretarial staff for formatting, sign-off and onward distribution to patients and health care providers.

As part of the solution, Voice Technologies also installed their custom WinVoicePro software platform – which provides letter templates and instant automated links to Barnsley’s Patient Administration system – helping to significantly reduce the time required to draft and distribute patient correspondence, while providing higher levels of accuracy in terms of linking with patient demographic information.

Other Organisational Benefits

  • Clinical Security – Voice Technologies’ fully digital system ensures the secure transfer of patient information across medical departments and clinical disciplines.
  • Flexibility – the innovative digital system allows remote access for clinicians, allowing work on patient correspondence from any location within the Trust. With the added benefit of easy editing and review functions, the system significantly reduces the time required to generate patient correspondence.


“The introduction of digital dictation and automated patient correspondence across all of our 24 clinical departments, involving 318 clinical and 131 secretarial staff, has delivered impressive results – with turnaround times for important patient care correspondence reduced from a 56-day average, to a 1-day average in our Medical Cluster.

“The system designed and installed by Voice Technologies has allowed us to manage this important part of our work far more effectively, while also helping to lift some of the administrative burden placed on clinical and non-clinical staff.”

Katherine Sowden, Acting Head of Business Change, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust