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The Dumbarton Medical Centre is committed to providing a high standard of care and quality of service. The practice invests heavily in technology to increase efficiency and with the help of Voice Technologies Ltd., the partners have recently been using Olympus digital voice recorders, benefiting from improved staff productivity and an advanced service to patients and GPs.

The Olympus DS-3000 digital voice recorder saves voice files to a SmartMedia card rather than to a tape, enabling a digital voice file to be downloaded to a computer effortlessly. Whether it is updating patients’ notes, preparing referral letters or completing reports the DS-3000 is applicable in all the scenarios encountered in General Practice.

Dr Lawrence Bidwell comments, “The Olympus voice recorder has many advantages over the mini-cassette systems we have used in the past. The DS-3000 is very light, compact and has really improved my time efficiency. The facility to prioritise work during dictation allows our secretaries to retrieve files from a priority list rather than from a chronological list on a tape. This is an infinitely more efficient transcription system for use within our practice.”

Dr Bidwell adds, “The ability to download voice files electronically eliminates the potential for loss of data that you can sometimes get with a tape. You can be 100% confident that you have stored all the information you need – in the past I always worried that a tape was not recording properly. What’s more, the DS-300 offers the flexibility to either insert or overwrite text.”

Using removable SmartMedia storage cards the DS-3000 provides unlimited recording capacity. Advanced DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format provides a high level of compression while maintaining sound quality. Index marks may be placed in a single voice file during recording or playback, to highlight particular passages and unlike tape mechanisms, the editing system allows users to ‘cut and paste’ pre-recorded passages.

Dr Bidwell concludes, “Using the DS-3000 has made a vast improvement to my work, giving me not only the security of digital recording over tape, but also increasing efficiency in the office.”